christian dior couture 2011; a letter i wrote to my teenage self; the cover of a zine i made; excerpt of the memoir i wrote last term; christian dior couture 2011

excerpts from paper journals, 2007-2010

screenshot from pussy riot: a punk prayer; self-portrait; excerpt from patti smith’s just kids; screenshot from pussy riot: a punk prayerme in 2012; screenshot from pussy riot: a punk prayer

alaska highway

gandalf describing shadowfax; eadweard muybridge motion study; excerpt of what i’m writing for my memoir class; excerpt of a zine i made; found photograph scanned on notebook paper

arts and letters


erasure as art project i made in spring 2013; found photograph scanned on notebook paper; list of my favorite dewey decimal classifications; leonard knight, the artist that created salvation mountiain, who died today [picture from los angeles times]; erasure as art project





commes des garçons spring 2012 rtw; poem sent to me on facebook in 2008 by my boyfriend before he was my boyfriend; picture of me from september 2011; excerpt from tavi gevinson’s just kidding, love sucks: notes on taylor swift, published in the july/august 2013 issue of the believer; screenshot from nicki minaj’s beez in the trap video; excerpt of a mix i made called “don’t guard yr heart”; commes des garçons spring 2012 rtw



picture of me taken by aria, email i sent myself, extra-terrestrial on the bus, a list i made in high school, scan that captured my hand, excerpt from a zine i made, screenshot of ‘the great gatsby’, excerpt from my paper journal of 2010